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About Us


The field of Implant Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and other oral surgery disciplines are adapting to digital and virtual imaging to provide world class services to their implant patients.
About PGS
Partner with Precision Guided Surgery and join the elite group of dentistry professionals who are making the commitment to technologies that enable them to provide treatments that, up until recently, have only been available in the medical community.


The individual doctors and dental practices who are totally focused on providing the best of the best usually do so out of their unrelenting drive to provide the best patient care imaginable that significantly narrows the gap of treatment failure due to any number of reasons. The underlying interests of most doctors embracing Guided Implants is primarily to provide a degree of treatment accuracy and comfort that has never been possible before.


With Precision Guided Surgery (PGS) as your partner, you will be able to create an exact, detailed plan for surgery, including the best spots to make incisions, the optimal path to the targeted area, and even strategize in advance about critical structures that need to be avoided.


PGS Services are available as “full service” in Florida utilizing our mobile CT units. PGS Services are also available in a “lite format” for those doctors utilizing their own scans. Customization is achieved by following the same protocols and dynamic on line communication with every member of the implant team. Our team will become your best chair side assistant.